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When you’re at home or in the office, your cell phone signal should just work. But building materials, obstruction from trees or buildings, and even geography can block your cell service. weBoost’s cell phone boosters for home and office make sure you never have to go hunting for a signal again.

Which type of booster is right for me?

Measure coverage area
Measure coverage area

Estimate the area in square feet that you want the cell phone signal to cover inside your home or office. Choose the booster model with coverage that corresponds to your estimate.

No inside signal
No inside signal

If your phone can get only a weak signal outside your home or office, you may need a more powerful booster model to provide coverage for the desired area inside.

Works on every network, for any carrier.

Being unable to take phone calls or use your mobile devices in your home or office can be incredibly frustrating. End the frustration by bypassing the elements that can block cell service with a cell phone booster for home and office from weBoost. Get the coverage you need to make the connections necessary for your home and work life from our online shop or at one of our local retailers.