Car, truck & RV

The road is where you most often need a better cell signal—and it’s also where you’re most likely to lose it. These cell phone signal boosters will keep you connected in those hard-to-reach places when it matters most.

For buildings greater than 7500 sq ft,
we recommend our WilsonPro brand of products.

Which type of booster is right for me?

Cradle Boosters
Cradle Boosters

Cradle boosters are ideal for a single-user, hands-free experience. The patented cradle holds your phone and boosts the signal.

Wireless Boosters
Wireless Boosters

Wireless boosters provide a signal boost for any device inside the vehicle. This kind of booster is perfect for multiple users.

Works on every network, for any carrier.

You need a cell phone signal that is as mobile as you are. Whether you are driving to the grocery store, undertaking an extensive road trip, or handling business on the go, you deserve to have the highest cell phone signal quality. weBoost’s cell phone boosters for cars, trucks, and RVs give you the signal coverage you need and the peace of mind that you’re never too far away from the signal you need. Compatible with all major carriers and viable for multiple devices, our vehicle cell phone boosters meet your needs. Select the right right booster for you at one of our many retail locations, or reach out to one of our representatives to learn more about finding a vehicle cell phone booster today.